by Stephan / 15 February '16

At the last minute we decided to go to Paris for Valentines Day, typical Belinda. Travelling by train in Europe is really easy. Going from Amsterdam Central to France Nord will take you +/- 3 hours.

Upon arriving, after checking in at the hotel we rushed to get our museum passes before heading off to the Eiffel Tower. We were running few minutes late but managed to meet our guide just in time. It was not the best weather, but none the less it was an experience seeing Paris from the second floor. Next up was Museum d’Orsay, where we saw the mini Statue of Liberty. We walked quite a lot on the first day (TIP: remember to organize and figure out metro upon arrival). We ended up in a pub later the night, where we had to use Google translate to decipher the French menu (Don’t ever order an ‘earth and sea basket’ it is code for deep fried smelt, calamari and fish) We do however recommend ordering beer pints which goes off well after walking and running so much. We had a late dinner with champagne and then headed back to the Eiffel tower to enjoy hot chocolate!

Sunday morning we went for a run. If you don’t get lost then you have not explored, so we got lost again, found the love lock bridge and ran back to hotel. We ended up having a quick breakfast then went off to explore the L’opera House, Notre Dam, Arc de triomphe, Louvre. Two days aren’t enough to see everything but we managed to see what we planned to see. Paris see you soon again!

Hotel Vivienne

€110 per room

Great location, close to Pantheon, Opera House, Latin Quarter

  • Thalys
  • €414
  • Departed 13/02/2016 9:20am arrive 12:30pm
  • Returned 14/02/2016 at 16:20 arrived 21:00


Eiffel tower, Museum d’Orsay, Jardin des Tuileries
Comments: If you are purchasing museum pass, rather get it at the tourism office on the day. When we got there to collect they could not find on our details. Try and get your metro passes as soon as you get to Paris. Take a small backpack with you to carry your “emergency kit”, as we like to call it, gloves, beanie and umbrella.


Love Lock Bridge, L’opera House, Notre Dam, Arc de triomphe, Louvre (Comment: Museum pass showed it’s value on this day. Wear comfortable shoes. Plan your day carefully, set time aside for Louvre, definitely worth it )

  • Buy museum pass online, just keep in mind Museum Pass does not include Opera House
  • Better yet buy Paris pass then can enter almost everything

Average daily 114,20 euro

Comments: We definetly overspent, we had champange, hot chocolate, three meals a day! I mean it was Valentines after all.
  • We overspent here (as well), get this organized as soon as you arrive. Day passes for Metro tickets are available
  • €22 + €14 + €7.50 = €43.50
  • Opera House €11 for both of us
  • Museum pass. We paid €94 online for this.
  • Eiffel tower ticket with lift option €54, we used Get your guide

Comment: We tried to buy tickets directly from Paris Tourism Office but they dont take payment from paypal or ideal. We don’t have credit card thus had to go through other suppliers (increased cost etc) except Eiffel Tower tickets we got at last minute. Initially bought tickets for €84 from City Discovery but notified us last minute the tickets are not available anymore.

  • Distance: 8.32 km
  • Joined Runkeeper valentines challenge
  • Elevation: 114m
  • Time: 56:31
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Scenic: Yes
  • Route description: Flat, scenic lots of friendly runners on road.
  • Other comments: Happen to run into the Crystal road race (wish we had known about it, struggled to join other race as all in French) Stopped on love bridge to add our lock!
  • Start: Hotel Vivienne