by Belinda / 19 July '16

Stephan and I ended up in Hamburg as a result of a miscommunication. A while back I saw cheap tickets to Hamburg, I then randomly told him that Hamburg would also be a cool place to go to. Then last week he send me flights to Hamburg and asks whether he should book, I didn’t really look at the tickets and just thought that they might be on a sale so said yes. (Yes it is ridiculous that we only go where tix are on sale, but YOLO)

It turns out that the tickets weren’t actually on sale, he just booked them because he thought I really want to go to Hamburg. We then hit another hurdle (just as we did in Ireland) most of the accommodation was booked out. We had no idea why. I was preoccupied (and broke) booking my summer vacation so Stephan went ahead and booked it.

He ended up booking accommodation which was triple the price and triple in the distance to the city centre. So I think from now on I will take over the booking duties again.

We arrived late on Friday and was met with very helpful bus driver at the airport, we somehow managed to make our way to our accommodation just before she locked up!

The next morning we had breakfast at Café de Paris, I would def. recommend this place! We loved it so much we went there the next morning again for breakfast!

The reason for accommodation being so fully booked, was due to the World Triathlon that was being held and the festival of love. Somehow in planning this trip neither Stephan and I saw anything of this. Watching the triathletes come through was rather humbling, I told Stephan that I don’t think I would be able to do this and my words were barely cold and two blind runners came past and then a bunch of paraplegics. Amazing to watch.

We walked a lot the first day, and although the buildings are quite spectacular and the port huge and the river Elbe huge I would say just going to Hamburg for the day is enough. We tried running the next morning and mistook a cemetery for the park we wanted to run through, so ended up doing a very quick U-turn out of there and ran back to our accommodation. I don’t see myself going back to Hamburg, but am very thankful for the friendly people and especially the bus drivers who tried to help us (in German!)

my Apartment Hotel
Address: Schiffbeker Weg 306, 22043 Hamburg, Germany

It is very nice accommodation but for the price I would have expected breakfast to at least have been included. Also for our purpose of travel it was too far out of the city, 45min.

Flights on Eurowings 258euro (?!! This is why Stephan is banned from booking anything ever again)

  • Departure: 15th of July 20:15pm
  • Return: 17th of July at 17:50pm

We made use of the bus a lot, would recommend you purchase the tourist ticket will work out cheaper in the long run!

Breakfast at Café de Paris French and Vegetarian breakfast. Fresh buns, breads, croissants, homemade strawberry jams, Nutella, fruits, cheese, spreads, pesto and mozzarella mix, egg and so forth, just lovely. 20 Euro Drinks

We tried to find three places listed on a blog we love, and all two of the three were closed and the other closed down. We ended up having four beers at a place called Deathspresso. Yes a very hardcore coffee place, I almost thought I was in Cape Town. 12 euro

Dinner at Mr Grande
The German portions are huge, we ordered starters, more than enough.
Two G&T’s and baked potato and vegetable thing with cheese. Massive portions. 40euro

Breakfast: A repeat of the day before at Café de Paris except Stevie opted for the American breakfast this time. 25euro

As mentioned ended up in a cemetery and then ran as fast as we could out of there, would not recommend this run!