by Stephan / 18 May '16

As we arrived in Amsterdam earlier this year, Belinda already started planning our getaway trips. These flights were booked back in February already and the accommodation only few weeks before we left for Croatia. I did some Google street viewing before we left for the trip so I kind of knew what to expect, but after seeing it in person I now realize why it is a bucket list item.

Kuna is the currency used in Croatia, you can exchange Kuna’s at the airport or just draw money at one of the many ATM’s available. If you have the Maestro sign at the back of your card and you are authorized by your bank then all should be good. They also accept all major credit cards (except for American Express), but keep in mind some restaurants only accept cash, so have few on hand anyway.

From the airport we took bus to Split which was 30 kuna per person. The bus might take a little longer but is cheaper and efficient. Noticed they also take cards. Upon arrival we went straight to the accommodation where the hostess was waiting for us . She showed us around, gave us few tips of the area and off to the beach we were. We kept a close eye on weather reports for the weekend and was expecting thunderstorms and rain but the weather turned out to be very good. We managed to go for a swim, late “lunch” and a few beers before returning back to our accommodation. We might have had 1 beer too many, decided to take quick nap that turned into 4 hour nap and only woke up at 11pm. We still went out for “dinner” though, most of the restaurants kitchens were closed but managed to find a place by the name of Popeye which had some really good wraps. There were also pizza’s, lasagna’s, burgers and all kinds of fast food and coffee.

Sunday morning we were up early to go to the harbor to book ferry tickets to Bra?. The first ferry left at 6:15 already so we were only able to get the next one which was at 9am. There were drinks, snacks and also food available on the ferry as well as ATM to draw money, they only accept cash on the ferry. From Supetra you can take a bus to Bol, watch out for the taxi drivers, they are overpriced. You will see some great views on the way to Bol. It is quite a walk from the bus stop to the beach but definitely worth it. There is also option to rent bikes if you like. Just don’t buy too much in the first first stretch on the way to the beach as there are many more to come. The beach is amazing and so are the beach bars, take cash/card with for drinks while looking out on the blue ocean. On way back from beach to Bol, be careful with your restaurant choice. We did not have a very good experience with the food at restaurant close to the beach. Rather go eat something in Bol itself. Back at our accommodation, quick shower and out to explore town. We found Jazz Cafe by the name of Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis, unfortunately no live band this time but great atmosphere, be sure to check it out, great host as well. There are so many restaurants to choose from in Split but don’t pick the first one you come across, walk through the small streets and alleys to discover the great ones. We settled for Figa Food Bar after walking around for hours, which was great, not the walking, the food.

Monday morning we did our compulsory travel run through Park Šuma Marjan. It was more like a walk because we had to stop every few minutes to capture the views. This was our highest elevation run in a long time, we are not used to hills or stairs since we moved to the Netherlands. After the run we headed back to our accommodation, pack, shower and go to beach… which never happened after all but decided to rather explore the Diocletian’s Palace, bell tower and the markets. Get yourself a bag of cherries from the food market, they are really good.

Croatia is our go to beach holiday from now on. We are definitely going back to explore the rest of the islands.

  • Speruna Luxury Inn €160 for both nights
  • Very central
  • Fast wifi
  • Wine and water in fridge
  • Smart TV with all local channels, we just watched Netflix during our stay (on your own account of course)
  • Easy Jet €339.70 for both of us
  • Bus to Split 30 kuna per person
  • Ferry to Bol 112 kuna for both of us
  • Departed 14/05/2016 12:38, Arrived 14:42
  • Returned 17/05/2016 15:54, Arrived 18:07
  • Saturday: Main beach in split, Diocletian’s Palace and night life
  • Sunday: Bol Island and night life again
  • Monday: Diocletian’s Palace, Bell Tower, Markets
  • Average daily spent: 25 – 200 kuna’s which was max €27 (€1 euro = 0.14 kuna at our time of visit)
  • Cherries at market 25 kuna, walk around a bit, there are some selling for 17 kuna
  • Popeye wraps 24 kuna per wrap
  • G&T’s on Bol beach €29
  • 7 kuna for 1 scoop ice cram on beach, rather buy from the big fridges than small stalls which is double the price
  • Jazz cafe cheese platter 130 kuna and 40 kuna for 2 x beers
  • Ferry 35 kuna for beer & sparkling water, the coffee not so good, rather have beer
  • 4 x 500ml beer and chips on beach, we lost count here, think it was 19 kuna
  • Figa Sunday night dinner, 2 x risotto, 1 x water, 1 x 500ml beer, total 206 kuna
  • Distance: 9.24 km
  • Elevation: 287m
  • Time: 1h18
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Scenic: Yep, very!
  • Route description: Stairs, hilly first 3.45km then downhill
  • Other comments: We missed few entrances to hidden caves, only realized when we were at bottom and we saw it, stop for these and let us know how it was.
  • Start / Finish: Varoški Prilaz road