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The Hague

Saturday: Meetup The Dam Runners

On Saturday I joined Stephan and crashed the Meetup Dam Runners run. It was supposed to be a 8/9km run but having ran from home to Vondelpark I ended up doing 12km. Amsterdam is really flat so I am running some of the best times I ever have here, which is a great motivator for running as much as possible.

Distance: 12.13km
? Elevation: 59m
? Time: 1h05
? Difficulty: Easy
? Scenic: Moderate
? Route description: Start off in Vondelpark – Rembrandtpark – Vondelpark
? Other comments: Meetup remains one of the best ways of meeting people in Amsterdam with similar interest to you. I definitely see myself joining the group next Saturday again! They also stay for coffee afterwards.
? Start: Vondelpark


Stephan and I then tried out “T” which is two doors down from where we stay and had Wentelteefjes and Coffee for Euro16. Perfect post-run breakfast!

Wentelteefjes directly translated would mean "turnaround bitch"

Sunday: CPC Run The Hague


    Should you find yourself in the Netherlands around this time next year, this is the perfect run for a new PB! The entire route is flat and even a bit “downhill”, where you start is where you finish. I expected it to be overcrowded but there was surprisingly enough room at the start. As this was my first race abroad the following comments may not be fair. But I found myself missing the race vibe back home quite a bit. No tambourine man in the back, or banter along the way for wearing your vitality shirt, no marshals telling you to keep it up or yelling motivational quips “its a hill get over it!”, it didn’t have any of that. Instead I jumped on a sprinter, ran the race as fast as I could (mostly because in my life I have not witnessed as much spitting and spatting like I did in this race) and headed straight back to Amsterdam like nothing happened.

    10KM Medal

    All in all, would I do it again if I am in the area? Yes, merely because I want to improve my time next year!

    See route below.

    Distance: 10km
    ? Elevation: 75m
    ? Time: 51min
    ? Difficulty: Easy
    ? Scenic: Moderate
    ? Route description: Start off in Malieveld – Landgoed Sorghvliet – Westbroekpark – Malieveld
    ? Other comments: You can take public transport, The Hague station is very very close to the start and finish. So that was really great! Also the weather was so good I did not have to wear any of my survival gear i.e beanie or gloves!
    ? Start: Malieveld, The Hague

    Route Map

    P.S cant believe we have been in Amsterdam for two months and already have to find a new apartment!

    Have a good week, and keep on running!


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